Our Capabilities

Our reference is able to generate and measure moisture content from as low as -95ºC frost point to +68ºC dew point over a temperature range from -10ºC to +70ºC with an uncertainty of +0.1ºC to 1.0ºC frost/ dew point range.

Our permanent laboratory calibration is SAC Accredited and our CMC (Calibration and Measurement Capability, expressed as Uncertainty) is as follows:-

 A Summary of our Accredited Calibration Measurement Capability is:-

Parameter Range Uncertainty Range
Dew Point 0ºC to +70ºC 0.1ºC to 0.6ºC
Frost Point -90ºC + 0ºC 0.1ºC to 0.6ºC
Relative Humidity 10%rh to 95%rh 0.2%rh to 1.3%rh
Pressure 10 to 300 psia 0.025psia to 0.06 psia
Temperature -196ºC to 250ºC 10mK to 50mK


A Summary of Traceable Calibration is:-

Parameter Range Type of Measurement Service
Dew Point 0ºC to +95ºC Permanent Lab & Field
Frost Point -110ºC + 0ºC Permanent Lab & Field
Relative Humidity 0.5%rh to 95%rh Permanent Lab & Field
Pressure 5-15000 psig            Permanent Lab
Temperature -196ºC to 1200ºC Permanent Lab
Compressed Air & Gas Flow 0 – 150 nm/sec Field Measurement


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