We offer products from well-established measurement experts in these fields.  Their solutions can be applied, not only, in Calibration and Measurement Laboratory as Calibration Standards, they can also be used for industrial measurement.  These include Chilled Mirror Hygrometer from MBW/ RHS, Humidity Generator from Thunder Scientific, Temperature Calibrator from Dostmann, Temperature Bath and Climatic Chamber from Kambic Metrology.

For industrial process and environmental measurement products, we have Dew point/ Trace Moisture Sensors from Phymetrix, Humidity and Temperature Sensors from Rotronic AG, Dostmann and Temperature Sensors from Italcoppie.

We have also diversified into Real-time Concentration, Colour Turbidity Control Measurement by Kemtrak, Energy Savings Measurement for Compressed Air and Technical Gases by VP Instruments.

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