Explosion Proof Instruments

Instruments for measuring in explosion hazard areas, temperature range -200°C...+850°C.

The universally applicable process-controlled hand-held instruments are ideal for measuring operations in which high accuracy counts or the possibility of online documentation is demanded.

Ex-Mark: ExiB llB T4


Reference Thermometers

The multi-function-instruments are outstanding for their high accuracy of ±0,1 mK.  The high precision makes them eminently suitable as reference instruments.  For testing subordinate measuring instruments in quality assurance laboratories or for checking temperature-critical processes. 

The all-round talent for temperature measurements with Pt100 sensor over a range of -200ºC to +850ºC and the thermocouple (type J, K, L, N, R, S, T) to +1760ºC with a resolution of 0.1ºC over the full measuring range.  Ideal for quality assurance service and production.

The universally applicable process-controlled handheld instruments, Series P700, are ideal for measuring operations in which high accuracy counts or possibility of online documentation is demanded.


These HygroPalm handheld instruments (HP21/ HP22/ HP23) are perfect instruments for environmental measurements.  They are extremely precise and feature many practical functions and they are easy to use.

HygroPalms are adjusted and configured during production and are ready for immediate use.  They can be configured for specific applications with user friendly HW4 software or directly on the keypad.  A large range of interchangeable probes enables easy and flexible use, straightforward maintenance and simple calibration.

The HP23 version can be used for the in-situ adjustment of transmitters and for system validation.