Calibration & Measurement

In 2012, we were accredited by Singapore Accreditation Council for ISO/IEC 17025 for Permanent Laboratory Calibration Service.


Our calibration references and standards have been developed to offer one of the lowest uncertainties in the market.  We offer unparalleled calibration measurement capability that is not readily available in other commercial laboratories.  We provide both Permanent Laboratory Calibration Services, as well as, on-site Thermal & Humidity, Mapping & Validation Services.

Our core competence is our state-of-the-art humidity measurement by using Intrinsic Two-Pressure and Two-Temperature Method with proven optically detected chilled mirror technology.  Our services are trusted by many leading companies and we are glad to be part of these leading companies.  Meeting your measurement and calibration requirement is our primary concern and commitment.  

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Our Capabilties

Our reference is able to generate and measure moisture content from as low as -95ºC frost point to +68ºC dew point over a temperature range from -10ºC to +70ºC with an uncertainty of +0.1ºC to 1.0ºC frost/ dew point range.

Our permanent laboratory calibration is SAC Accredited and our CMC (Calibration and Measurement Capability, expressed as Uncertainty) is as follows:-

 A Summary of our Accredited Calibration Measurement Capability is:-

ParameterRangeUncertainty Range
Dew Point0ºC to +70ºC0.1ºC to 0.6ºC
Frost Point-90ºC + 0ºC0.1ºC to 0.6ºC
Relative Humidity10%rh to 95%rh0.2%rh to 1.3%rh
Pressure10 to 300 psia0.025psia to 0.06 psia
Temperature-196ºC to 250ºC10mK to 50mK


A Summary of Traceable Calibration is:-

ParameterRangeType of Measurement Service
Dew Point0ºC to +95ºCPermanent Lab & Field
Frost Point-110ºC + 0ºCPermanent Lab & Field
Relative Humidity0.5%rh to 95%rhPermanent Lab & Field
Pressure5-15000 psig           Permanent Lab
Temperature-196ºC to 1200ºCPermanent Lab
Compressed Air & Gas Flow0 – 150 nm/secField Measurement


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