Compressed Air Energy Management

You may want to check and monitor the output of your compressors, or Nitrogen generators using these flow meters.  If you also use technical gases for packaging, blanketing, welding processes; these meters are also suitable to use.  Detect leakage and excessive consumption on time will help save considerable money on your monthly energy bills.


By checking, monitoring, improving and managing it, you will be able to save between 10 and 50% on your annual energy and maintenance costs.


Product Features:- 

  • Flow meters and other sensors for compressed air
  • Unique bi-directional flow sensor technology
  • Compressed air audit tools
  • Data loggers for flow, pressure, temperature, kW and other utilities
  • Web based energy management software
  • Monitoring systems for total compressed air management
  • Easy to use tools for installation
  • Hot tap equipment
  • Flow meter calibration services are about to take the next step in compressed air energy management.  You are going to have a true energy meter for point of use.  The combination of flow, pressure and temperature provides key data on the real energy consumption, the efficiency of your distribution network and savings potential.  It provides all the data to make the right decisions every day.

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VPFlowScope Insertion

The VPFlowScope measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously.  It’s the ultimate compressed air audit tool, used by leading auditors worldwide.  The bright blue LCD display provides real-time information and with the built-in data logger, you can make recordings for a certain period of time.  VPStudio software can be used for real-time measurements to process data and to print reports.

VPFlowScope DP Insertion

The VPFlowScope DP is designed for wet air.  When properly installed and maintained, it can be used in the discharge of the compressor. The VPFlowScope DP is fully compatible with the standard VPFlowScope, which means that it is easy to install and operate without and additional training.

VPFlowScope InLine

The VPFlowScope® in-line is the new standard for point of use measurement.  It measures mass flow, temperature and pressure which is key data for point of use compressed air energy management.  The bright blue display provides real-time information, and with the built-in data  logger, recording is as easy as taking a picture.

This is the perfect tool for measuring consumption of machines, cost allocation and pressure loss monitoring.  VPStudio software can be used for real-time measurements on your PC, to process data and to print reports.


The VPFlowTerminal is a plug & play wall mount display for your flow meter, with built-in power supply and 2 million point data logger.

The new generation of VPFlowTerminal has five sensor inputs: one input for VPFlowScope mass flow meter, and four generic analog inputs.  With this new display, you have all data together in one display and logged in one data logger.  This makes the collection and analysis of your compressed air data easier and quicker!

VPStudio Software

With VPStudio, you can configure all VPInstruments products, view real time measurements and retrieve data log sessions.  It enables you to view data in any unit both SI and Imperial.  You can schedule your data log session, set logging intervals and adjust flow meter parameters. It communicates via your PC’s USB port.