Current Sensors

The VPLog-i measures AC currents up to 3200A (true-rms on a single phase power cable).  The VPLog-i is very easy to use: just wrap around one of the three phases and close the snap fitting.  It offers the best solution for your mobile power measurements. The VPLog-i is the only sensor on the market that offers both 4..20mA and pulse outputs.

Product highlights

  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Plug and play
  • For fixed and mobile measurements
  • Both 4..20mA and pulse output


Easy does it: Just open the sensor and wrap around the power cable you want to measure. The LED on the device blinks when the VPLog-i is powered. The rate at which it blinks is proportional to the output current. You can use one of the two outputs to get accurate measurement results. 


  • Power consumption of compressors
  • General purpose power measurement
  • Electricity sub metering

The current sensor measures the input power of your compressor’s electric motor. When combined with a flow meter, it can be used to determine the actual efficiency of the compressor.