Leak Detector

Leak detectors are a beneficial addition to mass flow meters for your leakage management program.  The two instruments together make your leakage management system efficient.  Measure and manage your ROI when repairing leaks.  Use your flow meters to establish a leakage level before you repair the leaks and reveal the savings after.

The VP Leak Detector is a practical tool for any leak detection or mechanical troubleshooting program.  Simple to use – find compressed air and steam leaks and prevent machinery failure with this unique instrument.  It features a sensitivity dial with decibel indications, it also features an LED bar graph display in which each LED equals approximately 3 dB - ideal for calculating decibel levels.

Application examples:
  •     Compressed Air Leak Detection
  •     Pressure and Vacuum Leak  Detection
  •     Exhaust system leaks
  •     Tanks, pipes, Leak testing
  •     Electrical Inspection