Concentration, Color & Turbidity

KEMTRAK - A industry leading photometric analyzer for monitoring and control of liquid and gas concentrations. The DCP007 is easy to operate and uses a robust fiber optic flow cell providing unparalleled performance for industrial and/or hazardous environments. Besides, the DCP007 has an unbeatable zero maintenance requirement.

Color & Concentration

DCP007 Industrial Photometer

The Kemtrak DCP007 is an easy to operate industrial fiber optic photometer designed to accurately measure the concentration and color of process samples.  Measurements are real time and in-line.


DCP007 UV Industrial Photometer

Kemtrak DCP007 UV process analyzer uses ultra-low power cold light at the exact wavelength required for the analysis, exposing the sample to thousands of times less energy than a traditional UV photometer.  This is achieved from a state of the art digital photometer design using a modulated high performance UV LED light source with precision fiber optics.


DCP007-NIR Industrial Photometer

The Kemtrak DCP007-NIR is an advanced dual wavelength NIR photometer designed to accurately measure the concentration of process liquids and gasses with near-infrared (NIR) absorbance between 800 and 1550 nm.

Examples of NIR measurements include moisture (water & trace water), ethanol, methanol, sodium hydroxide, ammonia and continuous fuel identification.


TC007 Industrial Turbidimeter

The Kemtrak TC007 is an easy to operate industrial process fiber optic turbidimeter designed to accurately measure the concentration of light scattering components. Measurements are real time and in-line.

Long life solid state LED lamps and precision fiber optics are used to provide drift and noise free measurement at very high precision.

Suspended Solids

NBP007 NIR Backscatter Photometer

The Kemtrak NBP007 is a high resolution backscatter photometer that revolutionizes the measurement of high concentration suspended solids.

Traditional turbidity based optical measurement instruments lack resolution and stop working at approximately 1% suspended solids due to the extremely high optical density. This limitation is overcome with the NBP007 and for the first time the operator can monitor and have complete control over their process at any concentration.

By knowing exactly what is happening at all times, process changes can be quickly implemented that result in substantial cost savings.