Suspended Solids

NBP007 NIR Backscatter Photometer

The Kemtrak NBP007 is a high resolution backscatter photometer that revolutionizes the measurement of high concentration suspended solids.

Traditional turbidity based optical measurement instruments lack resolution and stop working at approximately 1% suspended solids due to the extremely high optical density. This limitation is overcome with the NBP007 and for the first time the operator can monitor and have complete control over their process at any concentration.

By knowing exactly what is happening at all times, process changes can be quickly implemented that result in substantial cost savings.

The Kemtrak NBP007 utilizes a robust process backscatter probe that is designed to withstand the temperatures and chemicals present in CIP cycles. Fiber optics are used to pipe light to the measurement point and back and the measurement probe contains no electronics or serviceable parts.

The Kemtrak NBP007 backscatter photometer consists of two components:

  1. Photometer. The photometer contains all electronics including light source and detectors.
  2. Measurement Probe. Robust fiber optic backscatter probe


  • 0.0005% (5NTU) ... 100% solids
  • Zero maintenance
  • Proprietary NIR Measurement technique
  • Display in NTU, FTU, ppm, mg/l, g/l or %
  • Robust hygienic TriClamp probe or Ø12mm PG13.5 immersion probe designed for CIP processes
  • Analogue output (0/4-20 mA)
  • Modbus (slave) over TCP/IP & Profibus (optional)
  • Local & web based graphical user interface (TCP/IP)
  • ATEX Exd IIB + H2 T6 IP66 Category II 2 G (optional)