Loop Powered Dew Point Meter, OEM

State of the art Features:

  • Fast, Accurate, Repeatable
  • Built-in self-test and diagnostics
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Cost Effective for OEM use
  • 4/20 mA Loop Powered
  • Wide loop voltage range to 28VDC

Specification at a glance:

  • -110°C to +20°C dewpoint Sensor
  • Specifically designed for OEM use
  • Small & Lightweight
  • State-of-the-art electronics & software
  • NIST calibrations
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Easy to use Appliance connector with gasket
  • 3/4"-16 process interface threads with Viton O-ring
  • Interfaces to a variety of panel meters DD4 and DD5
  • Units of measure °C & °F dewpoint