High precision and stable platinum resistance thermometer (PRT)

T12 is based multichannel temperature measurement system. Using a custom designed high quality measurement circuit, 24 bit analog to digital converters and multiplexor sampling; the T12 provides 12 channels of low uncertainty temperature data for validation and calibration engineers.


  • Twelve channel temperature measurement
  • High precision, stability and repeatability
  • Internal reference resistors
  • PC software for system control and data acquisition
  • Simple to configure and use

Key Specifications

Measuring Ranges

  • Temperature: -200…800 °C (PRT Pt-100)
  • Resistance: 1…380 Ω


  • Resolution 0.1 mK
  • Accuracy (T12 only) ≤ ± 2 mK @ 23 °C (95% confidence level, 1 year)
  • Temperature coefficient 0.1 mK / °C

Specification at a glance:-


Manufacturer reserves the right to change the specification without prior notice.