The Model G9 produces highly accurate humidity values based on the NIST proven "two-pressure" humidity generation technique. This system will generate a variety of humidity values such as %RH, dew point, frost point, ppm, or vapor pressure. The system is computer controlled, allowing it to run at fixed points, or multipoint profiles, completely unattended.

Principle of Operation

Using the two-pressure technique, humidity is generated by fully saturating gas at a known temperature and pressure, then reducing the pressure to a lower value (typically ambient) at the same temperature. The humidity produced by this technique is determined solely from measurements of temperature and pressure, and does not rely on measurement of the water vapour content.

High Temperature, High Flow Capability

With chamber temperatures up to 85°C and flow rates to 150 standard liters per minute, the G9 boasts the highest temperature, highest flow rate capability of any commercially available two-pressure humidity generator.

Accurate Formulations

All equations programmed into the computer control system are high accuracy, internationally accepted formulations for vapor pressure, enhancement factor, relative humidity, dew point, frost point, ppm and others. Accuracy of the system relies completely on the accuracy of the temperature and pressure measurements.

Air or Water Cooled Refrigeration

Unlike other two-pressure systems, use of cooling water with the G9 is optional. If available, it can be connected and will work to provide cooling of the refrigeration system. If not available, the system reverts automatically to an air-cooled refrigeration mode.

Specification at a glance:-

Manufacturer reserves the right to change the design or specification without prior notice.